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The presentation of ElectroOffice 
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EDISON has been a professional software development centre for many years. One of our main areas of work is developing electronic document-circulation systems.


EDISON offers a high-quality, well-thought-out implementation cycle. Using this cycle it is possible to automate document-circulation within any enterprise and provide maximum efficiency while keeping costs to a minimum.






Is this right for your business?


  1. Need to draw a line between paper bureaucracy and keeping your documents organised?
  2. Want to avoid using multiple buttons, operations and one-purpose programs?
  3. Looking to create a unified information storage facility?
  4. How about supervising work done in real time?
  5. Want a quick and simple way of keeping your employees in the know (including by email or SMS)?
  6. Need to restrict levels of information access rights for different employees?
  7. In search of an instrument for business-process management?
  8. Thinking of merging all active databases and informational documentation to form one comprehensive system?
  9. Have to set up a document-circulation system for vital legal documents?
  10. Looking to stylise your portal in your own way while connecting it to existing sites and other internet resources?
  11. Need a system that allows you to work on mobile devices?
  12. Seeking a fast, user-friendly system?
  13. Want to create an unlimited number of work stations without the added cost of purchasing licences?


If you answered “yes” to most of the questions above then this website is intended for you.


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