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Barriers to growth

The faster a company develops, the more documents are stored in its archives. The volume of paperwork soon grows to the point where it becomes practically impossible to manage all of the company’s documents.



We offer a unique product, developed using universally-recognised Microsoft SharePoint technology. ElectroOffice is a platform that is used to build electronic data management systems, corporate and government portals. This tool not only helps organisations avoid mountains of paperwork, but can also act as a unified information system that helps solve many problems within any given enterprise.








Improving communications


A portal that has a corporate style and uses an existing company domain, which can contain a great deal of information. This kind of portal can be used by the company management to bring news and important information (such as regulations, instructions, duties and requirements) to the attention of employees, post information about key workers’ blogs, and organise surveys. The portal may also have forums used to discuss problems and tasks. Text files may be accompanied by galleries of multimedia content.


Document archive


A corporate portal will become an electronic data archive, which is safely protected against unauthorised access. It is much easier to work with electronic than with paper documents; ElectroOffice provides the option of full-text stemming across the entire storage archive, which makes searching quicker and easier. It also provides the option of setting file access rights differently for certain employees or groups of employees while still allowing regular users to keep track of any alterations to documents. If necessary, certain company departments can be given the right to pre- and post-moderate text changes, and the company management will be able to work with several versions of the same document. EDISON also provides electronic archive creation services on the basis of paper archives or using file conversion operations.


Agreement process

 Document management

ElectroOffice can help to formalise the agreement and matching of contracts. At this stage it is vital to control workflow and documents, which can be sent using previously created routes. Furthermore, for every agreement it is possible to set time frames and text matching. As a result, the platform helps to follow regulations, automate document flow and, thereby, avoid losing matching contracts.


Administrative transparency

 Departmental management

To make work easier, the portal structure is designed on the basis of the enterprise structure. Every department has its own node. They provide a convenient organisational scheme and allow the creation of task lists with the option of assigning tasks to a particular employee or whole node(s).


Customer information service

ElectroOffice can also help get rid of bureaucratic organisational problems associated with servicing requests  (such as those sent to the technical support team, personnel department, etc.). Following the completion of a task, the sender receives a report – ElectroOffice provides the option of creating reports for administrators of any level.


Pooling information


This system may be used as an interdepartmental collaboration tool. It can also be integrated into another EDMS.


Online store

 Additional information

This system can also be used to conduct online sales. This product integrates easily into other ERP systems. It is also possible to work with the portal using mobile devices.