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Increasing efficiency

Documents form the basis of an organisation’s information resources. This is why it is vital to work with them in the right way. Statistics show the average employee performs around ten operations each time they want to find a necessary document. Each operation takes at least 2 minutes and over 10% of searches are unsuccessful and require additional labour time. It is possible to optimise this process and increase business efficiency. EDISON offers a unique solution – ElectroOffice.


One step ahead

Switch to electronic document-circulation – a global trend that is gaining popularity. “Those, who do not move forward, move backwards” and, unfortunately, this is the case for the “paper conservatives”. It is obvious that enterprises that automate their work with documents gain many competitive advantages over their competitors.


Practical solutions

ElectroOffice was designed using universally-recognised global technologies. This software represents a corporate portal with expanded functions and modules. This portal makes it possible to combine the complex management of all information resources, processes and enterprise communications to form one system. The ElectroOffice platform solution provides: the opportunity for all employees to work with documents simultaneously, readymade automation tools for document-circulation processes, supervision of employee work in accordance with company practices and norms, and immediate request processing. When creating a portal, we make maximum use of already existing software and hardware resources.


Combining approaches

Moreover, ElectroOffice compares favourably with other electronic data management systems (EDMS), available on the market. The majority of modern EDMSs come in “boxed versions” with a standard set of features or as expensive individually-tailored packages. Both of these options have serious disadvantages. “Boxed versions” are too universal and cannot correspond to the needs of many companies. Furthermore, the customer (enterprise) has to buy a licence for every work station where the EDMS is used, which is not profitable for large and developing companies. By choosing an individually-tailored package, the client receives a system that is fully customised. However, this option is both expensive and time-consuming. It will also entail additional expenses: training employees to use an unfamiliar platform; purchasing new equipment and software, etc.



EDISON offers a brand new solution – a unique and affordable electronic data management system. ElectroOffice is a basic platform that can include any types of modules depending on the needs of the customer. Thus, this program brings together the best elements of the two aforementioned options. In comparison with a boxed software package, the customer has more freedom to be independent from the developer. The platform itself is easy to use and has a friendly, familiar user interface that interacts with common office applications. No special skills or training are required to work with this program.